International Nanny Training Day – Twin Cities

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Information From 2018 Event

interNational Nanny Training Day is an initiative organized by Nannypalooza in 2012 to promote awareness of the important connection between nanny training and quality care. On Saturday, April 21, 2018,  nannies in 45 locations through the US, UK, Switzerland, Canada, and Australia will gather at training events designed to meet their unique needs.

Here in the Twin Cities, we will hold our second training day and we couldn’t be more excited! The Twin Cities event is hosted locally by nannies from Twin Cities Professional Nannies and Minnesota Nanny Network groups. Members of both of these group volunteer to plan, organize, coordinate, and present this event. Without their hard work and dedication, we couldn’t function.

You’ll find information about speakers, schedule, how to register, FAQs, and how to contact us all on this site. We’d love to have you join us for 2018’s interNational Nanny Training Day Twin Cities!


Many thanks to the International and Local sponsors for interNational Nanny Training Day! Hosts for this event play a vital role in planning and implementation. Our local hosts do this as volunteers.

International Host – Nannypalooza


Local Hosts 

Minnesota Nanny Network and Twin Cities Professional Nannies

Local Sponsors  

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors, St. Paul 

Loving Care Home Services


2017 Event Overview

IT’S-A WRAP! National Nanny Training Day Twin Cities was a big success. Photos of the event are on our gallery page. We want to thank a number of people for their contributions.

The Planning Committee – These women worked for months and put in many hours to bring this event to the Twin Cities for the first time. Now they are looking to 2018 and will begin planning in January. Thanks to . . . Chelsey Bahe, Kelsey Burns, Becky Kavanagh, Shannyn Kubitz, Julie Martinson, Mallette Parry, Melissa Sax, Monica Schoenborn, Marie Spott, Connie Wegner, and Michelle Zwiefelhofer.

Lake Harriett United Methodist Church – A wonderful centralized location that proved to be a great place to host an event of this type. Our space was large enough to double our number of attendees for 2018!

National and Local Hosts – National Hosts were Nannypalooza and HomeWork Solutions. It’s their vision that started National Nanny Training Day and it’s their support that keeps it going. Locally we received support from Minnesota Nanny Network and Twin Cities Professional Nannies – both active and vibrant local Facebook groups.

Door Prize Sponsors – HomeWork Solutions, International Nanny Association, My Nanny University, Nanny Care Hub, Nanny Coaching Team, Newborn Care Training Academy, Newborn Care Solutions, Nanny Magazine, Nannypalooza, and Nanny Stella’s Professional Nanny Training Program all supplied local or national door prizes to training day events. These were high-level prizes that promote and support the nanny profession.